Monday, May 28, 2007

Last Day of School - 26 May.

26 May - Meet the Parents Day

It was day of reckoning for those who have not performed well in their examinations. The Montfortian Alumni had a booth which offered to enrol students in tuition classes for Sec 3 and Sec 4. Started 3 years ago, the MA tuition help costs substantially less and helps substantially more, when compared with other such commercial enterprises. Those interested can look for the coordinating teacher Mr Seah Kok Woei.

25 May - Last Day of School

Mr Simen spoke to the whole school. Dressed in a black jacket to stave off the effects of influenza, Mr Simen told the boys to stop, check and take stock of what they have done during the term.

He told the boys to draw four quadrants and to ask themselves the following: "How am I doing?"

The boys were told to measure themselves by using mission of the school as a criterion- Scholar; Gentleman; Sportsman; Leader.

He told the boys to be honest and to describe the way it really is.
If there were gaps in the analysis, the boys were told to come up with strategies and to pick strategies which would solve the most number of problems. This is called the point of leverage. The Germans called it Schwerpunkt or spearpoint.

Mr Simen told the boys that there were many who were sick and mentally ill. He told the boys "The World is Simple. Don't complicate it" , then went on to encourage boys to have a nice balance in life.

More of the same does not mean necessarily mean better. Therfore studying non-stop means better results is a wrong paradigm to have.

He told the students assembled to always strive for happiness but "not so happy until you forget being a scholar and sportsman and when the results are out, you achieve little".

23 May 2007 - Vesak Day Celebrations & Mass

There was Holy Mass held on 23rd May. Father Gerard was at his best at sermon. His sermon featured an interesting story about how the eyebrow served no function and was envied by all the facial parts. Yet, no matter where the eyebrows went, he just would not fit. The short story belabored the part about how it was important to know your station in life, be happy and to keep life simple.

The mass was held for three purposes:
a. To pray for Adrial Ong who is recovering in hospital.
b. To pray for our graduating classes who are taking their mother tongue exams
c. To give thanksgiving for the term.

Mass began with a meaningful reflection held by Mr Adrian Leow and an examination of our conscience. Mr Lloyd Yeo stirred students with some hymns beforem mass began.

It was the best mass we have had because:

a. The Catholics responded to the call of "You are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World" by kneeling at consecration time and by being scattered among their non-Catholic brethren.

b. Countless non-Catholics went up to receive blessings from Father.

c. The singing and participation in class had deep meaning for many. Teachers were heard commenting on how the boys were so well-behaved and carried the "feel-good" after-effects into the classes for the rest of the day.

After mass, Mr Lloyd Yeo introduced the members of the inter-religious ecumenical council. They were:

a. Mr Perumal
b. Mr Chian Yong Koon
c. Mr Azman
d. Mr Tan Geok Hean
e. mr Lloyd Yeo

This committee would be responsible for inter-religious harmony and help students understand the meaning of the various major race or religious festival. It would also rolemodel harmony among the different races to both staff and students. It would also serve as an advance guard to identify and remove potential areas of inter-religious and inter-racial prejudice.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Montfort Softball - Northzone Champs

May 21st 2007

North zone Softball Champions!

The C Division brought pride and dignity to Montfort by clinching the championship in the final game today, played at Montfort field. Montfort Battery Mingliang (2A2) and rising sportstar Kian Hao (2A2) baffled their batters with an array of dazzling and speeding pitches. They were helped out by the infield defence led by P. Arivin and the outfield defence led by Aaron

The final score was 7-3.

The most nail-biting game was against our rivals, Maris Stella, held several weeks back. Down 6-0 after two innings, Montfort Mud-dogs clawed their way back to win the game 8-6.

8th Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition

Montfort scientists were sent to participate in this exhibition. They achieved a silver award for their Hydrobiotic project and a bronze award for their Fresh Oasis Cooler project. The competition was held on the first half of May

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Montfort Post- Exam Activities

Exams are over for our boys. These are some special programs carried out for Montfortians:

a. Sec 1s & 2s - Sexuality Education
b. Sec 1s - English Drama Workshops
c. Sec 1s - Hip Hop Dance classes
d. Sec 2s - Music Electives
e. Sec 2s - Maths Trail
e. Sec 2s - Inter-Class Frisbee
f. Sec 2s - Subject Combination Talks
g. Sec 3s - Inter-Class Soccer
h. Sec 3s - Food and Nutrition course
i. Sec 3s - C & T Workshops
j. All - International Friendship Sharing: Korean Culture

Ascension Day

May 15 - First day after end of examinations. It is a day of sadness for us because one of our students was involved in a serious car accident. We pray for his speedy recovery.

Sec One students begin their worskhops Drama lessons

May 17 - Day of Obligation - Ascension Day. Mr Lloyd Yeo and Joshua Anand, a student from 4E5 who recovered from an accident several years ago, said a prayer for the boy's speedy recovery. It was a prayer from St Augustine:

"Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch or weep, and give your angels charge over those who sleep,
Tend our sick ones, O Lord
Rest your weary ones
Bless our dying ones
Soothe our suffering ones.
Pity our afflicted ones.
Shield our joyous ones.
And for all your love's sake.

Mr Adrian Leow emphasized the importance to cross roads safely and appealed to all Montfortians to gather in prayer for his family and the boy.

Day of Ascension

Mr Lloyd Yeo spoke about the Day of Ascension, a Day of Obligation for Catholics.
Ascension Day marks the last appearance of Jesus to the disciples after his resurrection at Easter. It is the 40th day after Easter Sunday and always falls on a Thursday (hence its other name Holy Thursday). Ten days later is Pentecost, which marks the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples.

Ascension Day marks the final meeting between the risen Jesus and his disciples.

(Acts 6:7-9) Jesus saidto them, "The times and occasions are set by my Father's own authority, and it is not for you to know when they will be. But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." After saying this, he was taken up to heaven and as his apostles watched him, a cloud hid him from their sight."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

27 April 2007 - Play Montfort Bowling

Play Montfort Bowling was held on 27 April, Friday.
It was one of the most fun activity held for teachers.
Play Montfort was the brainchild of Mr Faizan, PE HOD, and intended to keep teachers fit, healthy, well-balanced, with a united sense of mission. Judging from the morale displayed a the bowling tournament, it was a huge success.

Our top bowler was Mr Seah Kok Woei

Visit to Kaki Bukit Prison School

A team of Montfort visited Kaki Bukit Prison School to learn what we could about their system and build bonds of friendship / partnership.

We were there to investigate how they were so successful in being able to produce good results and how they were able to turn students around.

We were also there to congratulate, give recognition and celebrate their teachers' success in turning one of our students around.

The team which went were:

a. Mr Simen Lourds
b. Mr Adrian Leow
c. Mr Wu Tian Hwee
d. Mr Lloyd Yeo
e. Ms Violet Chan
f. Ms Chong Sin Pei
g. Ms Eleanor Leong
h. Ms Cassandra Foo.

Malaysia Boy's Town Bagus!

1. Visit to Malaysia, 4th May to 6th May.

Key Personnel from the School's School Executive Committee (SEC) visited Kuala Lumpur and Kluang, Johor (Mr Simen's hometown).

Led by Mr Simen, the team of Mr Adrian Leow; Mr Wu Tian Hwee, Ms Cassandra Foo, Ms Seah Bee Leng, Mr Lloyd Yeo and Mrs and Mrs Faizan visited several places.

a. Sekolah Wawasan, Subang Jaya

This is a school is on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. It is a government school aimed at racial integration in line with the Malaysian vision set for 2020. There are 3 separate Malay, Chinese and Tamil schools which share the same premises. Guru Besar or Principal Kamaruzzaman Yahya was on hand to show us around the school and give us a warm presentation.

b. Montfort Boy's Town and Montfort Girls Centre at Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur

Set up in 1959 by our very owen Bro. Elzear (Bertrand Roberge), an old teacher of Montfort Secondary, Boy's Town grew to serve the needs of the underprivileged. Operating like Boy's Town in Singapore, "He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother" was the motto.

The humble hospitality displayed to us by the Brothers of St Gabriels, the staff and students there was most memorable and warm. - Montfort Boys Town in Shah Alam, KL. - Boys Town in Singapore

There was a quote which struck many of us there, "Those whom the world rejects must move you the most".

Another was: "For the Youth, By the Youth, With the Youth"

c. Kluang, Johor

We visited Mr Simen's old primary school and secondary school. We also meet his brothers, sisters and mother who cooked a hearty meal to welcome us. We also attended Tamil mass in the church where he was raised.

We visited his old home, paid homage to Brother Mango and Brother coconut, scuttled along the railroad tracks behind the house, ran across to the Hindu Temple nearby and sat along the railway tracks 'shooting the breeze'.

Reliving his youth, Mr Simen also ran down a 25m steep slope, sprinted 100m like he was finishing a race yet unfinished.

The team arrived back at Singapore 2:30am, Monday morning.

Assembly Talk - 7 May 2007

Mr Simen spoke about his trip to Malaysia in brief and spoke about his sprint. He spoke about how discipline and focus were key elements to success.